BRICS CCI jointly with Commercial & Economic Affairs Office of Bulgaria to India, Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria organized an IT Business Meet: Bulgarian and Indian IT Delegation on 12 February, 2015 at Hotel Ashok, Chanakya puri, in New Delhi. The delegates were welcomed by Stefan Lonkov, Head of Commercial & Economic Affairs Office of Bulgaria to India and Dr. BBL Madhukar, Secretary General, BRICS CCI. Naveen Coomar, Honorary Advisor, BRICS CCI introduced the purpose and format of the meeting and initiated discussions amongst the delegates. The aim of this meet was to give the delegates an opportunity to share objectives and information about their venture and explore possibilities of collaborative engagements. This also set a networking platform between the Indian and the Bulgarian delegates who could exchange their thoughts and put forward their ideas about their IT Companies. The meeting was an interactive discussion where all the Bulgarian and Indian IT Companies got together to discuss their collaboration to generate business. It provided one-on-one as well as one-on-many interaction opportunities to openly share opportunities as well as explore possibilities. It was an intense meeting that generated substantial interest in the delegates from both nations to share possibilities of collaborative engagements.