Mr. KD Singh, Dr, BBL Madhukar, Mr. Johann Hesse, Mr. Sharad Sawant, Mr Axel Goethals and Mr. Durgesh Kumar Jha Conducting the lamp lighting ceremony.
Distinguished panelists moderating a session on ‘potential effects of India-EU FTA on the Decent Work Agenda.
A multi stakeholder conference was organized by BRITS Chambers of commerce and industry in collaboration with European Institute for Asian Studies on December 21, 2015. The theme for the conference was. “Social Dimensions and Impact of India-EU Trade Relations. and was co-funded by the European Union. Distinguished panelists such as -Mr. Axel Goethals, CEP, On Johann Hesse. Head of Cooperation, EU Delegation to India. Mc Eddy Larijsseff Board member, EIAS, Mr. Coen Nompier, Specialists in International Labor standards. International Labor Organization111_01, Dr. Shared Sawant, President, Indian Labour Research Network, Mr. Dangram Dew., Director, Ambedkar Institute for Labour Studies, Mc Mahendra Sharma, Trustee. Maniben Hare Institute – with different areas of expertise chaired and moderated the four sessions of the conference. The discussion revolved around topics that are guile relevant given the present times such as potential effects of India-EU FTA on the Decent Work Agenda. Experiences of Asian ETAS, India’s Agriculture Processing Sector-Threats for Women Livelihood, the role of Civil Society in monitoring the social impacts of India-EU ETA and Perspectives on Mandatory CSR reporting in Improving Labour Conditions, to name a few. The Conference witnessed wide participation from CSR foundations. Labour Unions, Trade Associations and Civil Societies.