“CSR : Feedback and Fast forward”

LI Colonel Ratyavardhan Stage Rathore, Minister of State tor Information and Broadcaseng, GOI Dr Sushi Singh, Governing Body Pant, ele-CSR, IICA launching the compendium.
Hon’ble Shri Jayant Sinha Minster of for Finance Govt, of India conducting the lamp-lighting ceremony BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Centre of Excellence in C5R & Sustainable development. organized the First National. Round Table Conference [RTC] on “CSR Feedback and Fast Forward” at India International Centre. New Delhi. Flonbile Minister of State for Finance, Shri Jayant Sinha, Special Guest. inaugurated the conference. BoninLe Minister of Slate tar Information and Broadcasting. Col. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore,  Chief Guest. released a compendium at this event.  In the conference, three panels were constituted to discuss one year of CSR Legislation: experience of stakeholders: key priorities and locus area to enhance the efficacy of implementation in C5R- the road ahead; and leveraging C5R in healthcare and sanitation: challenges and opportunities.