President of ICIE invited for a meeting in the office of ICIE. Mr. Pshenichnikov
Vyacheslav, (Vice President, ICIE), Mr. Brizgalin Andrei,(Deputy Vice President, ICIE),
Mr. Igor Rumyantsev, (Advisor, ICIE) and Alok Kumar, (Director, Asia Pacific, ICIE and
Hon’ble Representative, BRICS-CCI) joined the meeting with BRICS CCI delegates

A delegation of 17 people from BRICS CCI visited Russia for Business Meetings held between June
10 to June 19, 2016. The delegation was headed by Mr. B.R.Saini (President) and Dr. BBL Madhukar (Secretary General) BRICS CCI and comprised of Mr. Ashok Kumar Singh (Governing Body

Mr. Ravi Dhingra ( Senior Advisor ), Mr.Bimal Agarwal (Life Member), Mr. Balraj Taneja
(Life Member), Mr. Vinod Kheria (Life Member),Ms. Neetu Kishore (Life Member).
Mr. B.R. Saini, President BRICS CCI, Dr.B.B.L. Madhukar, Secretary General, BRICS
CCI, Dr. Rameshwar Singh (Founder and President,Russian Indian Culture Society), Ms.
Disha, Mr. Shutov Alexander (Head, Yaroslav CCI and Vice President, Akis Tech Ltd.) and Mr.
Alok Kumar (Chairman, Akis tech and hon’ble representative, BRICS CCI) were invited for a tour
of the Russian Parliament on June 15,2016. It was agreed upon to organise a Russian youth
football match. The delegates also visited India Week pavilion in the State Duma for India Week
Festival ceremonies in the Russian Parliament.

Meeting with International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (ICIE) held on
June 15, 2016 in MOSCOW, Russia