Mr. B.R. Saini,
President, BRICS-CCI,
Dr. BBL Madhukar at
BRICS Trade Fair.

Mr. Alok Kumar,
Mr. Ashok Kumar
along with Dr. BBL
Madhukar, Secretary
General, BRICS-CCI

BRICS Trade Fair 2016 was a 3 day event being held from 12th October to 14th October 2016
at the Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, India. Being organised in the run up to the BRICS
Political Summit, the BRICS Trade Fair was the most prestigious and the largest platform for
Indian companies to meet and network with counterpart businesses from Brazil, Russia,
China and South Africa. The BRICS Trade Fair was organized on the theme ‘Building BRICS –
Innovation for Collaboration’. The BRICS Trade Fair was announced by Prime Minister Narendra
Modi as a special initiative from India to foster business connects amongst companies from the five countries. The BRICS Trade Fair also focused on Start-ups and it was an endeavour to bring
together young entrepreneurs from across BRICS nations on this platform.

397 companies participated at the BRICS Trade Fair to showcase the capability of each of the
BRICS nations in the identified sectors. About 910 companies participated at various BRICS
business engagements and nearly 1601 Businessto-Business (B2B) Meetings took place over three