Dr. Sushi Singh giving
the welcome speech.

Hon’ble Justice
Dinesh Maheshwari
conducting the lamplighting
along with Dr. Sushi

The first ever North-East Green Summit 2016 was organised from November 1 – 5, 2016 at Tura,
Meghalaya by VIBGYOR Media Solutions, Eastern Chronicle and North Eastern Hill University, Tura
Campus and Don Bosco College, Tura in support with North East Zone – Cultural Center, Ministry
of Culture, Govt. of India. Centre for CSR, BRICS CCI felt privileged to be associated to support this
green cause. Dr. Sushi Singh, Convener, Centre for CSR, BRICS CCI, Chief Advisor, VIBGYOR Media Solutions & Vice President, Delhi Police Officers’ Wives Welfare Society delivered the opening
speech of concluding day on November 5, 2016. She clearly mentioned that if we are to maintain
a decent living standard on the basis of our habits of high fossil fuels consuming, high energy
intensity, irreversible changes in resources would leave us with black & bleak future for our younger
generations. So, she left a key message that it’s time for strategically positioned North-East (once
known for richest Flora and Funa) to send a clean and positive message to the world. North Eastern
region, with strong political will, can proceed to have a green economy with conservation of art
& culture factor only if together all stakeholders of the society take measure to curb pollution by
reducing carbon emission, preventing biodiversity loss, ecosystem damage and enhancing energy
and resources efficiency.