Varun Narain, a
puppeteer from New
Delhi performed at
Udaipur tales on

Gautam Mukerjee,
managing director
of fusion engineering
products, PVT. LTD.
Sharing his part of the
story telling.

Udaipur Tales Brings a three Day International Storytelling Festival to the ‘Venice of the East’.
The festival was presented by ‘MA’ – MY Anchor Foundation in collaboration with BRICS Chamber
of Commerce And Industry. The festival was ushered in by eminent storytellers from both
India and Abroad. The programme involved a plethora of genres including humour, real life,
fantasy, sentimental and dark. The festival saw a host of story tellers including the likes of Shantanu
Guharoy, Varun Narayan, Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak,Salil Mukhiya Koitsu and Russian story teller. This
storytelling festival aspired to provide Indian and International storytellers a platform to enlighten,
engage, educate and entertain the audience through their stories. With the ability to define
an entire culture, shape our sense of morality and preserve our experiences for generations to
come; storytelling gives voice to the myriads of stories held by thousands of civilizations in the
world. Sushmita Shekha, Director of the festival said “We want people to enjoy the stories and
loose themselves in the world of imagination and creativity.