27th February 2020, business interactive session at the Sri Lanka High Commission will focus on specific sectors like Manufacturing , IT enabled services, Tourism, Food processing, Logitics.

Interactive session will focus on following sectors . Interested may write to info@bricscci.com for registering.


a) Manufacturing, (High Value Added /High Tech) –

Automotive components, medical devices,pharmaceuticals, solar panels, fabricated metal parts, value added minerals


b) Manufacturing – Apparel (High value-added) –

• Lingerie

•Smart textiles (wearable technology)

• Other potential high-value clothing items (especially niche products)

• Innovation & research

c) IT-Enabled Services : IT software ;



d) Tourism :

• Hotels

• Recreational activities (theme parks)

• Adventure sports & leisure facilities

e) Food processing:

• Fish / seafood

• Fruit and vegetables.

• Dairy

f) Logistics: Entrepot trade ;

• Transportation

• Warehousing & storage

g) Education:

vocational training