Established in 2012, BRICS CCI understands the complex world of the Indian Aerospace & Defense and Homeland Security (A&D, HS) market. With an in-house team that has many decades of hands-on experience, we are reliable, trustworthy and accountable partners.

The BRICS CCI (A&D, HS) team combines decades of defense-specific consulting experience and along with the expertise of former military, civil service and industry personnel; we provide comprehensive business, technical, manufacturing and project solutions to clients for the Ministry of Defense, Front Line Commands and the supply chain.

We help partners adopt strategies to engage with relevant stakeholders in ways that are both compelling and effective along with advice and assistance on a range of regulatory issues. We are known for our result-oriented approach and high ethical standards.

As your partner, we continue to push ourselves harder to exceed expectations and help foresee and endure any unexpected turbulence in the regulatory and public policy space

At BRICS CCI Aerospace & Defence & Homeland Security, we are a single-window platform/ voice to promote the best interests of the Industry, initiate dialogue with key other stakeholders across BRICS CCI countries.

As specialists in the A&D, HS sector we add value to our partners across the following areas

(1) Consultancy/ Advisory services

(2) Partner search & due diligence

(3) Project implementation

(4) Meeting of offsets and obligations

(5) Due diligence

(i) People

(ii) Financial

(iii) Regulatory

(6) Incubation services

(7) Tax & regulatory services

(8) Recruitment services

(9) B2B connect

(10) Entry strategies and advisory services

(11) Promoting R&D and manufacturing in India’ and address related concerns

(12) Promote MSME particularly in manufacturing segment

(13) Organizing and Participating in defence and aero exhibition and conferences and seminars.

(14) Offer supply chain portal for ease of connectivity

(15) Publishing regular newsletters

(16) Open a portal for advisory