The BRICS Chamber of Commerce Industry congratulated Brazil on the joyous occasion of its 197th Independence Day. Brazil claimed its independence from the hands of the Portuguese on 7th September 1822. India and Brazil are undoubtedly respected regional leaders and share the ambition of becoming global actors on a stage that already has established powers. These are not just military powers but powers in the sense that they have structured international institutions. In this multilateral world, India and Brazil have the objective to contribute substantially to ensure that all voices are heard.

Mr. Paulo Chiarelli Head of Public Diplomacy Section of The Brazilian Embassy said “India and Brazil had remained unexplored by each other. The main items of export from India to Brazil are diesel, organic chemicals, pharmaceutical products, man-made filaments, nuclear reactors, machinery, mechanical appliances and textile products. While India and Brazil are both making progress at the multilateral level, their bilateral relations have a lot of potential that is yet to be explored”.

Special Guest, H.E. Joao Gilberto Vaz spoke about the health, education and trade sector of Brazil. He said “it is amazing the potential of new initiatives between our nations especially in the fields of agriculture , pharmaceuticals and entertainment and the BRICS CCI is the right platform to develop these new phases of cooperation between our friendly nations”. Healthcare in Brazil is a constitutional right. It is provided by both private and government. Brazil is among the largest consumer markets for pharmaceutical drugs, accounting for a 3.5 % share of the world’s market. Essential objective in the health sector is to improve the overall health situation. Along with that the Brazilian education system can seem a bit lackluster to expats new to the country, despite its many similarities to foreign systems. It’s possible for students to get a quality education, however the quality of the public-school systems in the country is constantly on the rise, he further added.

The Chamber celebrated the day with highlighting the vibrant culture of Brazil on its social media platforms.