BRICS CCI with M & P legal hosted a webinar on the topic “Technological Evolution in COVID-19 Scenario and its impacts on 14th August 2020.” We had with us Mr. Apurva Desai, CFO- Vuclip, Founder & CEO- Sarvian, Manish Gaurav, Founder Partner M & P Legal and Mr. Praveen Kumar, Founder Partner, M & P legal. The webinar was attended by more than 30 plus attendees. The webinar commenced with a short presentation on the impact of global venture capital which was presented by Mr. Apurva Desai. The session was moderated by Mr. Praveen Kumar.

Some of the major points as discussed in the webinar included how technological Evolution can help in mitigating risk & its impacts (considering COVID – 19) and what is the potential impact on startup funding / Functioning? The discussion also revolved around if work from home will be the new normal? Moving on to the technological side of the discussion it was analyzed if technology can bring the solutions to Work from Home and if the HR practices across the world need some major redevelopment? We also had expert opinions on the intervention of technology in the judicial process, Covid-19 Protocol and consequent legal implications.

As we had a very diverse set of panelists the discussion was very enriching and lively. They analyzed the different business models before COVID-19 and how they are likely to change in the new world order. The emphasis was also on what young and new investors should keep in mind before venturing out into the world of business. Technology and media will be the next game-changers in the world. They also compared how post-COVID-19 work culture is very different and involves various kinds of risks.