Dr. Sushi Singh ( President)

A CSR Cell of BRICS has been created in BRICS CCI as an effort to help doing responsible business to the companies which are operating in India with a special emphasis of companies of BRICS countries.

It also strives to act as global research center, which serves as incubator for field-based research and hub for collaboration among business, government, and higher education through advocating best global CSR practices and producing best CSR professionals.

In the light of the new companies Act 2013 mandating 2% of company profits for CSR activities it is estimated that 16,000 companies will be undertaking several CSR project in compliance with this directive. This mandates a huge requirement for CSR professionals who are certified to lead CSR projects. Hence forth to bridge the gap to meet the need of the industry executive education certificate programmes in CSR have been designed in perfect alignment between management practices, corporate strategies & CSR as per section 135, Companies Act 2013.

BRICS CENTRE FOR CSR in association with IICA would affiliate with appropriate university/organization to deliver beautifully designed and scientifically organized courses of IICA to the participant organization or professionals.

At Centre for CSR, BRICS CCI, we aim to create a world of socially responsible corporate sector and entrepreneurs who are able to understand various development issues of the country and find innovative solutions. So, as a conscientious individual, organization or both, You could contribute significantly to urban & rural management and bring a smile to the distraught. Given the wide range of problems you could be in the fore front of solving problems of poverty, literacy, environmental degradation etc.

The foundation of our institute is based on the strong emphasis on research and field work. We have extensive networks in corporate and the social sector that can best develop this niche subject and best CSR practices required by the Nation.

ADVISORY BOARD consists of : Dr. Pritam Singh, Senior Member, CSR Advisory Board, Dr. B.B.L. Madhukar, Director General, CSR Advisory Board , Amb Suresh Goel, Senior Member, CSR Advisory Board, Mr. Lalit Kumar Joshi, Senior Member, CSR Advisory Board, Ms. Sujatha Srikumar, CSR Project Impact Assessment, Audit and Implementation, Mr. Vishwas Tripathi, Chairman BRICS CCI , CSR Industry and Mr. Ashok Kumar Singh, Vice Chairman BRICS CCI , CSR Industry Connect

EXPERT PANEL INTERNATIONAL consists of : David Wilcox, Global Leadership and Strategy for CSR and Jennifer Sertl, Global Leadership and Strategy for CSR

EXPERT PANEL INDIA consists of : Mr. Ravi Dhingra, Leadership and Strategy for CSR, Mr. Amod Kanth, Strategic Communications and Opinion Building, Ms. Sushmita Shekhar, CSR Evaluation, Execution and Implementation, Mr. Ashish Srivastava, CSR in Healthcare , Mr. Anup K Srivastava, CSR- HR and Accounts, Dr Amit Nagpal – Social Media & Marketing Communications, PRESIDENT, BRICS CCI – Mr Vishwas Tripathi (Chairman United News of India (UNI) Board of Directors) and CONVENER, BRICS CCI CENTRE FOR CSR – Dr. Sushi Singh

1. Facilitate Companies to fulfil the requirements of Companies Act,2013: The companies’Act 2013 requires certain group of companies to spent 2% on social projects. In order to help the companies achieve the same BRICS CCI shall help companies to draw out policies and projects for the CSR and also help in its execution.

2. Survey and Research of the required needs of the Society for the Implementation of CSR projects: CSR cell can undertake the survey and research work and come out with need social Intervention in the society for the concerned companies where they can make maximum impact Through their investment

3. Third party Audit: CSR cell of CCI can work as an independent third party entity for audit of expenditures under CSR for the interested companies.

4. Impact Assessment of the projects undertaken: Impact assessment study can be undertaken by the CSR cell for the interested companies after the investment has been made by the companies.

5. Awareness program for the Companies: CSR conclave would be organized by CSR cell of BRICS CCI to increase the awareness and improve the commitment of company professionals.

6. Conducting of Courses for CSR professionals: There is a need to have a large number of CSR professionals in times to come. CSR cell in collaboration with IICA can help in feasibility study and marketing of feasibility study, design of the course, its duration and help in marketing of the course in consultation with IICA.

7. Maintaining and promoting a list of sanitized NGO: As a third party platform CSR CELL can help a company meet a responsible and a transparent NGO to carry out the CSR projects of the Companies

8. Identifying global Universities: CSR CELL would engage with national and international universities for tie ups regarding offering CSR long term courses and awarding joint certificates/ degree.


1. Recognizing the role of CSR, the Government of India n institutionalized a mandatory spend (2% of Profits) on CSR for Indian Companies of a certain size in the new Companies’ Act 2013

» This is applicable to companies with a net worth of Rs. 500 core or turnover of Rs. 1,000 core or net profit more than Rs. 5 core in any financial year. They are also required by law to form a CSR Committee – to frame and implement a strategic policy.

2. On 27 February 2014, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India announced the Corporate Social Responsibility (Policy) Rules 2014 under the Section 135 of the new Companies Act 2013.

» CSR activities shall include: eradication of hunger and poverty, promotion of education, promoting gender equality and women empowerment, reducing child mortality and improving maternal health, combating human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), malaria and other diseases, ensuring environmental sustainability, employment enhancing vocational skills, social business projects, contribution to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund.

» One major addition in the Section 135 is provision of up to 5% of the CSR budget for training and capacity building of employees and implementing partners for CSR.

The foundation of our institute is based on the strong emphasis on research and field work. We have extensive networks in corporate and the social sector that can best develop this niche subject and best CSR practices required by the Nation.

MINISTRY OF CORPORATE AFFAIRS – NOTIFICATION on CSR (New Delhi, the 27th February’ 2014)



TALK FOR SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS, JAN 2016 – A talk for social entrepreneurs is planned in the month of January 2016 which will be addressed by leading global voice of business storytelling Michael Margolis, Founder, Get Storied, USA.

BRICS WOMEN FOOTBALL CUP, APRIL 2016 – Centre for CSR will promote the cause of CSR support for women sportspersons thorugh the vent planned in April 2016

BRICS FOOTBALL CUP, APRIL 2016 – Centre for CSR intends to promote the CSR cause especially encouraging CSR support for sports.

FIRST NATIONAL ROUND TABLE ON CSR (OCT 19,2015) – Centre for CSR, BRICS-CCI in association with Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs organised First National Round Table on CSR entitled “CSR Feedback & Fast Forward” at India International Centre, New Delhi. Jayant Sinha, Minister of State for Finance inaugurated the conference. The Minister of State for Information & Broadcasting, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, released a compendium at the event. Noble Laureate Peace 2014, Kailash Satyarthi, through a video message called “for an urgent need for accountability and reporting in CSR”. Other speakers at the event included BhaskarChatterjee, Director General and CEO of IICA, GOI; Kiran Chopra, Director at Punjab Kesari; Axel Goethel, CEO of European Institute of Asian Studies; Rahul Dev of Samyak Foundation; and U.D. Choubey, Director General, SCOPE.
Three panels were constituted to discuss one year of CSR legislation: experience of stakeholders; key priorities and focus area to enhance the efficacy of implementation in CSR – the road ahead; and leveraging CSR in healthcare and sanitation: challenges & opportunities. The roundtable brought together leading stakeholders, educationists, policymakers and experts to discuss the challenges of past one year through case studies and good practices and the way forward for the future.

PARTNERED FOR BRICS DIPLOMATIC FOOTBALL CUP (DEC 05,2015) – Centre for CSR partnered for “Goals for jobs” initiative in BRICS Football Cup organised at Rugby Stadium, Delhi under the able leadership of H. E G.J. Vaz, CEO Organizing Committee. ‘YES BANK BRICS Diplomatic Cup 2015’ was supported by DIPP under the ‘Make In India’ banner and by the All India Football Federation The event successfully met its objective of bringing together people from different ethnic, cultural, religious, linguistic and socio-economic backgrounds among BRICS nations. Internships were provided at The Leela Hotel, New Delhi to young women from underprivileged section. A related event was also hosted by Embassy of Brazil.

RELEASE OF COMPENDIUM ON HEALTHCARE (DEC 15,2015) – BRICS-CCI CENTRE FOR CSR with the support of Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs & Sattva round-table team, has put together a compendium on “CSR Feedback & Fast Forward” with special emphasis on healthcare sector. It discusses issues and challenges faced by different stakeholders in the process of implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility policies (Section 135 of Companies Act, 2013) and various collaborative frameworks adopted by different corporate organizations.

TIE UP WITH EUROPEAN INSTITUTE FOR ASIAN STUDIES (EIAS), BELGIUM – Centre for CSR has entered into a tie up with European Institute for Asian Studies (EIAS), Belgium