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Ms. Neetu Kishore, (Head)
There is a need and demand for the transformation of business in the industries globally. IT constantly evolves with new tools and technologies to solve business problems. The disruptions in technology is leading to innovations and businesses need to remodel themselves to adapt to the environment of emerging technologies to grow and sustain.

The aim is to provide business solutions in the technology domain. In this era, any business, big or small, need to have a digital footprint. IT vertical in BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BRICS CCI), encourages organizations to leverage technology to achieve digital business and connect the business users to technology leaders for a successful digital transformation.

We believe in “Customer-co-creation” strategy, hence, providing a B2B platform, technology in all sectors of the Industry, our Vertical helps companies align their transformation initiatives with business goals and value they deliver to their customers. Organizations realize that technologies are enablers but digital leaders are fast to move forward with the adoption. Emerging Technologies like, AI, Cloud, Blockchain, Virtual and Augmented reality, Data Analytics are the core of digital transformation that every business is in need. Our endeavor here is to give the exposure to small and medium businesses to solutions on emerging technologies and help them move forward. We help and support organizations who would want to move to “digitalization” with their business engagements leveraging “digitization” of data and processes.


Flying Eagle – Seminar on Technology skilling
Date: 2/03/2016, Place – New Delhi

BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Technovations Services Pvt. Ltd. collaborated for the purpose of enhancing skills and employability of the educationally qualified youth in India. The concern is the glaring gap between the academic curriculum, learning opportunities available to average students and the skills that the industry needs today. The digital future calls for support from all stakeholders of society to co-create an ecosystem with a successful career for the youth.

Our vision is to provide exposure to pragmatic business problem and interface with the industry to build wholesomeness in the education. With IT and Telecom as a starting point, we plan to extend this to other areas as we move forward with support from the industries. The Government’s plans for Make in India, Smart Cities, Digital India, and Internet of Things (IoT) foresee a further in-flow of jobs in the engineering segment. The fact is that the industry will need fresh recruits, and skill development is the key to its success.

Super 50 – IT Awareness Session
Date: 6/08/2016, Place – Patna, Bihar

The ‘Super 50 – IT Awareness Session’ was to engage students in the emerging trends and technologies in the industry. Students must be presented with a realistic image of career graphs and hiring patterns. Our objective is to provide selected students with a glimpse of the professional environment and changes the need to incorporate in their study methods & interpersonal skills to raise their employability.

The session was jointly organized by BRICS CCI and Bihar Entrepreneurs Association (BEA) with focus on niche technologies, emerging market needs, the industry focus on tools and technologies, and the types of job roles in the market. An HR segment talked about career planning and the need for soft skills in the corporate world.

International Congress on Electric Vehicle, 2018
Date: 25/05/2018, Place – New Delhi

BRIC Chamber of Commerce and Industry and knowledge partner ANS MarketPro, an International Market Intelligence, Research and Management Consulting firm, held the conference in New Delhi. Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi inaugurated the conference as our Chief Guest and the program was graced by Dignitaries from Ministries of Transportation, Power & Energy, Government of India and many embassies.

Global Automotive industry is witnessing major structural changes as globalization has resulted in new business alliances and industry–academic–government partnerships. Technology is major contributor to these structural changes with some of these technologies being futuristic while others are nearing commercial production. This paradigm shift from Internal Combustion Engine based automotive to alternate electric based fuel system is fast changing the global mobility landscape. Apart from this, peripheral activities related to automotive sector like recycling of batteries, Information Technology, and engineer & technical training Institutes will open new vistas for investment.

Our mission is to bring key stakeholders in EV market ecosystem on one platform to sketch a detailed implementable strategic plan for effective EV market development and to facilitate investments and coordination among the stakeholders.


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