Energy – Vertical

Mr. Ruhail Ranjan ( Head )
Driving the agenda of all the BRICS nations forward, the BRICS CCI Vertical on Energy will primarily focus on Renewables will be working closely with the Government of India to priorities policy reforms, mobilize investment, boost manufacturing, and promote sustainable development goals to achieve the ambitious RE target. Over the past three years, sustained and proactive stakeholder engagement has led to significant progress: renewable generation capacity has risen in all the BRICS Nations; transparent competitive bidding for solar and wind has seen renewable power prices drop to historic lows and reach grid parity; the biofuels blending is also increasing . Now the focus of the BRICS nations is increasing in the area of solar, wind and bio-energy. BRICS countries account for 40% of world population and have a greater role to play in Energy production and consumption.
Therefore, BRICS CCI Energy vertical recognizes this need and rightly focuses on development of Renewable Energy, Energy Storage, and Manufacturing.

This Committee mission is :

  • To Co-operation and Collaboration with various government of BRICS nations, Businesses, Financial institutes, Utilities, in transforming the Power sector into Clean Energy.
  • BRICS CCI Energy committee is comprising of representatives from Govt, Industry, and Regulation that acts as a catalyst and to leverage India’s strengths in Innovation, Technology and Engineering and by making it an Energy Hub.
  • Arrange few interactive sessions having representatives of the government/senior people from the industry on board to address the concerns of the businesses having presence in BRICS Countries.
  • Be actively involved in assisting the government and sending our opinions, observations and comments to the amendments proposed by the government and seeking the observations of the professionals and chambers.
  • Take up small group discussions with other members and professional colleagues on Energy issues which require deliberation and require any representation from the part of the Chamber at any appropriate forum